Monday, January 30, 2006

Much needed invention

I just read that ultra top-secret spy satellites have cost the U.S. some $300 billion over the past decade. All this to keep an eye on the nefarious activities of our fellow Earthlings. This is a staggering sum for something that may alert one to dangerous squabbles, but does nothing to keep the peace. However, there is a mythic device that could keep obstructions cultures from waging genocide on each other. It's called a FORCE FIELD and I bet $300 billion would have been more than enough to create a workable device.

Just think! Instead of a huge wall between Palestine and Israel, there should be nothing--visible, that is. But, approach the Force Field and warning signals are seen and heard. Keep moving toward the Force Field and you will feel an intense palpatation of your body. It's the spurious electrons given off by the Force Field. Touch the Force Field and a number of things could happen: (1) you might be thrown back as you receive a jolt of static electricity; (2) you might be electrocuted if you happen to be grounded creating an inviting path for zillions of excited electrons looking for mommy; or (3) you might simply vaporize if the Force Field is an amplified light device, related to a laser, that has the impact power of a particle accelerator. None of these results is pleasant, but they do create an impression. Word gets around as the Force Field gains an invincible reputation. Within a short period of time, the Force Field gains complete credibility and the factions quit trying to breach it.

Once the large scale Force Field is proven and development proceeds along is inevitable path, a PERSONAL FORCE FIELD becomes available. Worn first by soldiers, the Personal Force Field (PFF) prevents incursion beyond, say, 30 inches surrounding an individual. It isn't a lethal force, but an impenetrable, but not impervious shield. For example, a sophisticated network is constantly monitoring the PFF grid. Sensors are tuned to recognize rapid and abrupt movements and foreign substances. When one is detected, the grid focuses an appropriate neutralizing energy on the spot of impact. Result? Energy is diffused and objects decelerated to zero. Normal movements (such as hand shakes) and acceptable substances (such as the air we breathe) are not affected by the PFF. Imagine the effect of a peace-keeping force of PFF-equipped troops! The simple realization that weapons are ineffective against such a force would cause terror and panic among the combatants, eventually convincing them that resistance is futile.

The Force Field is the most needed invention. It would be a life-saver and probably save the world from its inevitable violent end. Why have we invested so much filthy lucre in weapons of mass destruction and spying? Why haven't we invented a Force Field?

The Stickler

P.S. While working on a prototype force field in my basement, I inadvertently created the FARCE FIELD. It has proven to be completely misunderstood, but surprisingly effective in my quest to pull the pants down on pomposity in the workplace. It has also caused me to be fired. Alas, that is the price one must sometimes pay for creativity.


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